‘ Little Boy ‘ in Lord’s Court ,
                ” It was a cemetry ,
                  They sent Me for .
                  With the new age cross-rifle ,
                   I was made an anti-christ !
 I was sent to crusify the mankind ,
                  It was billions who queued up ,
                  To enter graves marked ‘ RIP ‘ !
                  Even the time freezed ,
                  And witnessed my ‘ Crusade ‘ !
                  I heard someone saying ,
               ” Our Saviour would come one day “
  And that was the word , ‘ SAVIOUR
                 Which makes me stand here !
                  O , Lord , Are You the Saviour ? “
“Saviour is not Me !
But the tremulous heart,
You had for a while !
Make those millions wake up,
To a new  dawn !
Wash away the stains of blood ,
And roll out red carpet for PEACE !
Blow away this smoggy blue ,
And let the aroma of Love
Spread over the horizon !
  Where gone the olive green ,
    Where gone the white feathers ,
 Where gone the paper cranes ,
  Where gone the divine spells .
 ” Tell the mankind ,
   Regrets and wails
   Are worth nothing !
   This is the times of hearts ,
   And let the rifles get unloaded !
  Head them to the way of peace
   From which you once astrayed them !
   Make them hold olive leaves ,
   And put down the shable !
    Look for the pieces of Peace ,
    Which were crushed once !
    Refine and recast them ,
    For a global collage !
    Unfreeze and reset the time ,
    Which once ran through the augury !

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