Someone who never fails to make the deceptive impression on first meetings!

A Sociology Graduate, Now Masters in Development Studies – a perfect place to be at times of churn!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. thank you for following my blog! Although I don’t understand Malayalam, I am impressed by what you have to say about yourself and also by the fact that you have continued to write poetry in Malayalam all these years. Keep it up! I see that you went through my blogs; right now I have kept ‘Odysseys’ private as I am working on it and in a few months I’ll make it public…then you can view it 🙂 Thanks again.

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    1. Thanks Rituparna! I don’t think I can ever stop writing in my mother tongue, it stays very close and let me slip into the world inside. Best wishes for your blog. Keep going!

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      1. Hi Haifa .. My name is HIJAS from payangadi , I read your Blogs , We are Starting an NGO in our Place , There is No Caste , Religion or Politics . We needto discuss with you some matter about this . Can i get your contact details ?


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