My Soul ’have bidden me a BYE

I am laying here fright-struck
Each word it said rang upon,
Each thought it shared shivers upon,
Each truth it found struck upon.

“Hi friend”, it called on

“I need no preface,
I was pensive all these days,
It’s scorching summer over here,
In your heart, sometimes,
Chilling winter some other times,
Often it is daunting cloudbursts.

You always cared others
And I felt lonesome.

And now, I do see a warm vale,
Where love and care hugs me tight
And de-rigueur are held so loose,
A Heart which is sworn garland,
Where red carnations blooms for me,
And canaries sing me lullabies…!!

I am going to leave you, friend…….!”
My soul said me and flew to oblivion.
I watched it soaring heights,
I watched and wondered,
‘My soul was never seen much prettier
Than it is now’
I felt it like a reverie,
But now, I too set in search
For a ‘ warmest vale ’ !!!

23 thoughts on “IN SEARCH FOR A VALE !

  1. @prathima: sure I ll b der on ua space soon…! B ready wit a coffee..!:)

    @miser:TanX…Some of d deep lines from a deep love…!
    do stop by here often..!


  2. Hello Haifa…
    A new follower of your blog 🙂
    You write beautifully and I loved your works…

    Loved this poem- beautiful, simple and thought provoking…

    Best wishes and love,
    Hanan Bint Alavi


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