# The first place to spoon feed me.
The first place to label me as “just a girl”.
# The first place where I was told girls are ‘handle-with-care’ species.
# The first place where I met people seeking vicious pleasure in keeping men and women apart.
The first place I saw democracy stopping at the doors of women’s hostel.
# The first place where I blocked my thoughts and tied up my tongue.
The first place where I watched immature politricks.
# The first place where I was told my voice is a noise.
And thanks for making Me the change I wanted to be.. 
For bringing out a New Me..

14 thoughts on “MY COLlEGE ¿¡¡

  1. where u are in.. don't deserve you, where u can find your voice has power.. is a dreamy world,
    at the age when u think u are intelligent and have opinions u must keep shut…
    so you are fully nothing and feel “I'm nothing in this world”,
    climax of life.
    ….thanks in advance


  2. yea, in the age when you know you have got things to say you are made shut and then you are muted always. And there a silenced life is born!

    Thanks for the comment..
    And i had nvr knwn u had a blog 😮 had nvr told….


  3. Myself a Farokian,but forced to be Anonymous. I know You,have seen You in campus,but never had an idea You had these sort of explosives in Your head!All the best Wishes and huge applauds for You had did this!


  4. Hey haifa.. Well written yaa..
    We never met before.. Bt ur words recite the feeling which we friends shared when we were there in that 'My College'.. Itz a fact always..
    Wont they change with time…???


  5. @Anonymous 2: Each of us passes, are passing or had passed days in the college with the same thought,' won't they change with time'!!! Yea.., they will change for sure… But an untimely change makes no sense!!


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